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Gas storage hot water systems provide pre-heated water on demand. They are suitable for larger family homes, workplaces or commercial properties as they are able to supply a larger quantity of hot water at a faster rate. Gas hot water systems are the more environmentally friendly option, as they have a lower carbon footprint.

At Proud Plumbing & Gas, we only supply the highest quality gas storage systems from the following trusted brands; Vulcan and Rheem which utilise natural gas and LPG gas. Our licensed gas fitters can install or upgrade your gas storage hot water system with ease, as well as conduct maintenance and repairs as required.

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Gas Storage Hot Water System: Endless Hot Water and Energy Efficiency

How Does A Gas Storage Hot Water System Work?

A gas storage hot water storage system uses a burner located below the tank to heat the water. As the water becomes hot, it rises to the top of the tank and is distributed through the hot water pipes. The system includes a thermostat to prevent the water temperature from falling below 60℃, and safety features such as a pressure relief valve and overflow pipe to prevent dangerous water pressure build-up within the tank, as well as a central flue to allow hot air and gas to escape.

If you have larger hot water requirements at your premises, we suggest opting for a gas storage hot water system with a larger tank capacity.

Professional Installation of Gas Storage Systems In Perth

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Feeling unsure in regards to which gas storage hot water system is best for you? Our knowledgeable team will be able to advise you on the perfect hot water system for your requirements.

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